Posy Gering

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Author, coach, speaker, facilitator, Posy specializes in helping others remove the barriers that prevent them, as an individual or group, from doing their great work.

Posy Gering

Posy Gering

Posy Gering found her path during ninth grade geometry, while she was contemplating the axiom: Through any given point an infinite number of lines can pass.

Suddenly, she realized the axiom could be applied to life. Any moment contains a vast number of possibilities. Yet, most of the time, we are aware of just one or two. How, she wondered, could a person see more?

She sought an answer to that question through decades of study, research and application through science, the arts, academia, Eastern and Western medicine and healing modalities. She found that enabling people to contact their possibilities resulted in a reduction of stress and an increase in confidence, courage and calm.

Posy Gering writes, speaks, and designs experiences that enable people to address their greatest challenges, uncover their greatest opportunities and act. She helps her clients solve current problems, tap possibility, envision the future, and build the new capacities and skills to achieve their vision.

She is the author of Next You: Discovering Confidence, Calm and Courage–Now, available soon on Amazon. Recently, she was featured in KIRO TV (7) special on stress. In addition, she pens a newsletter and blog. Subscribe by using the sign-up form at the right.

She offers webinars about how to increase the confidence, calm and courage in your life. She speaks to groups about overcoming the barriers that prevent them from doing their great work.

Along with one-on-one coaching, she works with for-profit and non-profit organizations such as Costco, Seattle University, Microsoft, Bainbridge Graduate Institute, Girl Scouts of Western Washington and YWCA.

Posy came to this work through a career in communications – as an editor at PC Magazine, a public relations manager for high tech companies including AT&T, Intel, IBM and Microsoft and in corporate change communications for Washington Mutual and T-Mobile.

Posy earned an MA in Organizational Leadership from the OSR program at Seattle University, where she also completed a Post-graduate Fellowship. She earned her BA in Creative Process from Sarah Lawrence College. In addition, she is a tireless student of change and renewal, studying group and leadership development, as well as yoga, meditation, creative process, Alexander Technique, Wilhelm Reich’s Orgonomy, mind-body connections and nature.

She is passionate about hiking, biking, gardening, cooking, great conversations and moments of wonder.