Posy Gering

Meet Posy

When you dream of selling your business, take the practical steps that can make it possible and more profitable.

Posy Gering

Meet Posy Gering

Posy Gering’s mission is to enable small business owners to reap the benefits of their hard work and live the life of their dreams. Posy anchors dreams with a process that is accessible, productive, and fits into your schedule.

Posy Gering, M.A., is an organizational development consultant, who guides small business owners through the range of issues that add to or impair a successful business sale.

Develop the business so that it is ready to sell

  • Ensure that the business can succeed without you
  • Focus on making the business as attractive as possible
  • Transform employees into owners, if an employee buyout is sought
  • Design an exit plan for the owners, so they realize the life of their dreams.

Posy’s background

For over twenty-five years of Posy worked as a communications and marketing consultant to the high tech industry, including IBM, AT&T, Microsoft, T-Mobile. One powerful lesson she noticed was how often creators were unable to recognize the real value of their products, including the business itself.

After earning a master’s degree in Organizational Leadership and completing a fellowship in Group Development from Seattle University, she was able to lay out steps that reliably produced better business transitions. Now, with 7 years of guiding, small business owners into the life of their dreams, her mission is to get provide the step-by-step processes that produce and accountability that are accessible, meaningful, and produce immediate results.

What really excites her about this work is the double bottom line impact: attaining a major goal and forming the foundation for satisfaction, connection, and purposeful lives. Success comes, not just as a big check, but with a clear legacy.

What sets Posy apart is her holistic approach, looking at the whole system in which the business operates and close integration with the financial side of the transaction. The goal is to insure that all the participants – current owner, business, and new owners are ready for the next chapter of success.

A few benefits

As the current owner you will

·      Get yourself and/or the leadership team ready

·      Create a plan to set you and your successor up for success

·      Systematize your business for greater value

·      Retain employees and clients during transition

·      Develop a ‘long horizon’ exit strategy

As the employee buyer, you get active support to be successful in a new role:

·      Assess ownership desire and readiness

·      Identify “owner” gaps and develop needed skills and capacities

·      Create your business vision

·      Take incremental steps into the role of owner

Author, coach, speaker, facilitator

Posy Gering facilitates critical conversations that are the foundations of change. She helps people build the knowledge, skills, and collaboration that make it possible to breakthrough to better results.

Since 2009, her company, nextU, has helped organizations achieve their visions. nextU’s services include strategic planning, conflict management, and leadership and team coaching.

Posy is known for her authentic presence and engaging facilitation. She brings insight, thought-provoking questions, and a little mischief to every interaction.

In 2013, she authored the critically acclaimed, The Next You, Discovering Confidence, Calm and Courage Now, a practical guide for leaders.

Posy’s work draws from extensive experience in business, academia, and the arts. She works with for-profit and non-profit organizations, such as Costco, University of Washington, Fred Hutch Cancer Research Institute, YWCA, and Microsoft. Previously, Posy was an editor at PC Magazine, owned a high-tech PR agency, and managed corporate communications for several Fortune 100 companies.

Posy lives in Seattle, where she is passionate about hiking, biking, cooking, and great conversations.