• Posy Gering

De-Procrastinate: Use the Renewable Energy of Gratitude

When nothing works, be grateful.

What does gratitude have to do with combatting procrastination? Everything, it turns out. Gratitude is the WD-40 to the rust of embedded habit, the escape hatch from self-judgment. Try one of these experiments for yourself:

Marvel for a Moment

Pause for a moment. Open your mind to experiencing gratitude for all the many gifts of life. Notice the effects of just changing your frame. If your mind jumps back to self-condemning habits, notice and name that, too.

Set a Timer

For two minutes, catalog as many things to be grateful for as you can. If you don’t know where to start, appreciate all the aspects of your incredible body and mind, or the safety and comfort of your environment. If you become aware that your attention has faltered, just come back to another thing to be grateful for. Notice the impact on you.

Write a Thank You Note

You don’t need a reason. And, you probably have a big back log of thank you’s you might send.

Give Someone a Gift

It doesn’t matter the size, just surprise someone.

Hold a Gift that Someone Gave You

When was the last time you really allowed yourself to receive the whole experience of that gift?


Notice how you feel now, even if you just imagined doing these steps as you read. Even writing these steps down has filled me with possibility and abundance, which, in turn, have silenced the voices of resistance, otherwise known as my procrastination.

Thank you.

What an incredible gift my readers have given me. I’m so grateful for your gift of time and attention. You have helped me learn in public about how to change deeply embedded patterns of avoidance and delay, which resulted in overcoming barriers I had allowed to cripple and diminish me.

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