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Why Your Business Needs an End Game

"I don’t have time to focus on the future…. I can’t keep up with the business coming in the door."

Sound familiar? Putting it off in favor of some immediate “need” is probably the most common reason for not doing a business plan, a will, or other preparation for the future.

The challenge is that the future is going to arrive whether you are ready or not. On that day, you can never make up for the preparation that would make navigating that the future easier.

When you procrastinate, you believe that you will have the choice to deal with it later. Unfortunately, life often includes accidents, illness, divorce, and financial distress at the most inconvenient moments. Then, your non-planning becomes your plan.

On the other hand, you could end up like Mark, who recently shuttered his shop. “Twenty years ago, one of my customers asked if I’d sell. I thought ‘never.’ But if I’d been honest, I never liked running the business, even then.” Groundwork helps you recognize and seize opportunities when they come, instead of in retrospect and regret.

No one can predict what’s coming, but making a start, even incomplete and imperfect, is an organizing and orienting tool that provides the ignition energy to get going.

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