• Posy Gering

What Olympic Athletes and Small Business Owners Have in Common

As sports nerds analyzed this years’ amazing Olympic performances, one lesson became clear: it’s the way you set up for your take off that makes all the difference

This lesson holds true for small business owners too. If you envision victory, every move you make affects the outcome. For example, the athlete is very clear about his or her goal. What's your ultimate goal for your business?

For a business, there are lots of possibilities of a goal, including:

· Sell it to a competitor who wants your client list, skilled workforce, location and/or company name.

· Steward a legacy into a new generation

· Keep working, but only 2 days a week

· Close the doors on a pre-determined date

· Move to another country and only do business online

Imagine for a moment:

  1. What goal would really be worth achieving, for you?

  2. What would have to happen in order to get there?

  3. What would be the first thing you would need to do to get it going?

Return to the lesson of the Olympians, instead of trying to go for the big result today, reduce the scale and scope of that first step. Make it the very smallest move you might make — or stop making — that would move you towards success. This attention worked for athletes like David Berkoff and Derek Drouin who invented new techniques that gave them a breakthrough competitive edge.

Like I said, this sounds simple, but getting clear about what that choice is or what to do first can seem overwhelming and confusing. Why wouldn’t it be? You’ve probably never done this before. That’s where nextU can help. We specialize in helping owners develop meaningful, relevant plans and executing them


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