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Start Selling by Digging Deeper

Brian called me, “the phone is ringing off the hook. We can’t keep up with the business. What do I do?”

My answer surprised him. Instead of offering an operational strategy, I asked, “What are your company values?”

Spending time on company values when you think you could be making more money may seem counterintuitive. Yet, your values hold the key to solving business challenges, like Brian’s. When they are alive and functioning, they help you make decisions, grow sustainably and differentiate your business.

Your values are the foundation of your competitive edge. And, if you are looking to sell your business, this is one aspect you want to sharpen.

Revive the vitality and usefulness of your company values with questions, like these:

  • Why are these values so important to you?

  • Tell a story about a time in your business where these values helped you make a difficult decision?

  • If your business was living up to these values 100%, what activities or practices would you start, stop or sustain?

Beyond creating clarity and insight about “What do we stand for?” you’ll discover answers about questions like:

  • What are our business hours?

  • Should we even be pursing this opportunity?

What did you learn? Please share - or call me if you need some support

And, stay tuned for how your mission and vision are key to a successful sale or transition.


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