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Bust the Conflict Avoidance Barrier

What do you do when a difficult conversation looms?

If you routinely avoid conversations that involve conflict, you’re not alone, most would rather “avoid at all costs” than face conflict directly.

Most of us don’t know how to hold a conversation that addresses difficult issues, let alone use them as the means to strengthen relationships and uncover new opportunities for growth. Even though you get abundant evidence that your approach - or avoidance - produces poor results, you keep digging the same old rut deeper.

If that sounds familiar, you can start digging yourself out here.

Start looking at conflict straight on.

How much does it cost NOT to have the conversation

  • Just like potholes, more and more elaborate detours needed to avoid the topic

  • You carry the burden, possibly loosing sleep, definitely loosing creativity and collaboration

  • Business growth is stalled, because no one is willing to risk

Difficult conversations are the renewable energy of change. You choose which skills to hone: avoiding or learning something new.

Stay tuned for

Tools to bust the myths that prevent direct, productive conversations

Steps to defuse volatile situations

First aid to repair and transform your team

In the meantime, if you or business you know needs help with a difficult conversation, contact me. Whether you are a leader using the silent treatment as a way to get along with your team, need to implement unpopular change, or discuss the elephant in the room, I can help get your business back on the track of its really important work.


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