• Posy Gering

Season's Greeting from Fall: Let Go!

It's Fall. The leaves are changing colors and starting to fall off the trees. It looks so effortless in nature, but in business, it's often a lot harder to let things go.

That's because the current way of doing things is important to someone(s). Likely, it was the way your business succeeded in the past. Even surfacing the issue for discussion can be risky in relationships, business strategy, and "keeping the peace."

The needed conversations are often uncomfortable, which is why it's helpful to hire a facilitator who can breech the walls around taboo topics, get all the stakeholders on the same page, and take steps towards shedding activities that are no longer productive.

Hint: often those outdated activities are things that are the most comfortable or someone likes to do the most.

Like nature, businesses need to let things die in order to make space to focus on new growth.


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