What zaps your confidence, undermines your courage, and tramples your peace of mind?


Discovery the surprising answers and learn how to free yourself from these common pitfalls with The Next You, Discovering Confidence, Calm and Courage – Now, available on Amazon


You'll find almost 50 one-minute exercises that put the power to enjoy life back in your hands. Author Posy Gering, founder of MyNextU, integrates mind and body, taps ancient wisdom and current neuroscience, and distills decades of research into how to bring more possibility into each moment of your day. At the same time, you'll develop the skills to use them again and again, in your personal relationships and professional roles.


Posy's holistic and slightly irreverent approach liberates people to see things anew. Enjoy The Next You, Discovering Confidence, Calm and Courage – Now.

It makes the art of transcending your limiting beliefs and patterns clear and accessible.

Raphael Cushnir

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