At any given time, 40% of U.S. businesses are facing the transfer of ownership issue.
The primary cause for the lack of planning.

Small Business Administration

Transitioning Your Business


You’ve built your own business. You have a team with specific knowledge, a process, and a customer base. You've invested time, money, and hard work. You hope that selling your business will support your next chapter in life. But what have you done to make that dream a reality?


If you want to do more than hope, you can take practical and powerful steps with NextU. Founder Posy Gering will guide you through a series of steps that help you turn the way you do business into an asset—an entity that is more than just a client list and location. Posy's work starts immediately and ends when you feel confident that your business will thrive without you. 

NextU Helps Current Owners:
  • Assess your current business, team, and systems

  • Systematize your operations

  • Create a manual for replicating your "secret sauce"

  • Enhance the value of your business now and in the future

  • Develop your "long horizon’" exit strategy

Perhaps one of your employees would be interested in buying the company? They know the business, understand the services and the customer needs. They might, however, need help stepping into a whole new role and responsibilities. NextU offers training, planning, and support to help new owners succeed beyond the sale.

NextU Helps Future Owners:
  • Evaluate and develop readiness to be the new owner

  • Create a sustainable business vision

  • Facilitate productive relationships with employees, vendors, and customers​

  • Ensure that they know how to use the tools to lead a successful, sustainable business

75% of the typical business owner’s net worth is tied up in their company.
Only 22% of those owners have reported doing any succession planning.



Posy brought a wonderful perspective to the stresses that we all have in our lives. I make pro and con lists about major decisions but rarely think about using them in day to day interactions.

Suzanne Walker, Farmers Life Insurance



Posy is a lively and engaging speaker who offers a fresh take on all-too-familiar challenges. She has delighted audiences at organizations, including: Farmer's Insurance, WACHA Annual Convention, Veterans Administration, Girl Scouts of Western WA., YWCA, Unified Grocers, Pacific Northwest Organizational Development Association, Step Forward Step Parenting, and Insurance Professionals of America, WA.

In 2013, Posy published the critically acclaimed book, The Next You, Discovering Confidence, Calm and Courage -  Now, a practical guide that uncovers tools for everyday resilience. An invaluable tool for business leaders, this book integrates mind and body, taps ancient wisdom and current neuroscience, and distills decades of research into how to bring more possibility into the moment.


From her extensive experience in business, academia, and the arts, she works with large organizations such as Costco, University of Washington, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, YWCA, and many small businesses.

Sample Topics

  • The End of the Entrepreneur’s Rainbow

Every entrepreneur dreams of harvesting the fruits of years of hard work and sacrifice. But few know how to make that happen. This presentation reveals a few of the critical secrets and how to make riding off into the sunset a reality.


  • 5 Secrets Get the Deal Done.

When an owner wants to sell a business, it seems like it should be easy. Sadly, all too often, the deal fails, because of issues that could have been addressed way in advance. Learn about some of the most common hidden mines and how to avoid them.

  • Escape Magic When You’re Trapped in a Dilemma!

You can escape What do you do when your choices seems equally bad. Posy shares five secrets proven to help you navigate more effectively by increasing possibility, peace of mind, and ability to act.

  • Resilience 101: How to Show up at Your Best — and How to Recover When You’re Not.  

We’ve all been there: everything is going great, and, suddenly, a phone call, an email, an off hand remark derails you. Learn the secrets of bouncing back and succeeding, in just a few minutes.

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