5 Secrets of Reviving a Dream

May 16, 2016


What happened to your dream of making a change?


You know it's fallen into the soup of good intentions if you find yourself thinking...

  • I’m too busy…

  • I haven’t got a minute for myself...

  • I know I should, but...

  • I just need to finish X first...

  • I just need more discipline...

You’re not alone.


These beliefs are an SOS call from a desire going down. Thoughts like these will stop you every time. If you would like to learn the simple secrets for rescuing and reviving your vision, read on.

Take a lesson from the Feds: create an annual budget, and make sure there’s a line dedicated to you.


Here are 5 secrets to rescue, launch, and sustain momentum for your desired change:

  1. Expand your mental horizon to the entire year.

  2. What percentage of this whole year seems reasonable to dedicate to your change? Make it easy. How about 1%? That's about 15 minutes per day.

  3. Instead of trying to find the time while in the midst of a day, plan for it, now.

  4. Block time on your calendar with recurring appointments.

  5. Dare to use the time you budgeted for the purpose you chose.


Try it, just for a day. Seriously, switch over to your calendar right now, and make a date for change. Keep the date and notice how you feel after.


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