Posy specializes in servicing the businesses and communities of Seattle, Washington. With deep experience as a communications and marketing consultant, she provides impeccable guidance for startups, mature businesses, educational institutions, and non-profits alike. 

Posy Gering helped us think outside the box and dive deeply into our roles and core values. She got us to look at things from all vantage points, insuring we were prepared and present in our planning.

Sue Eriksen, Sound Planning

Posy has opened up a new way forward out of stuckness. She helps hold the space between spiritual elements and practical leadership and gave us tools that are action-oriented and simple. I would absolutely recommend her. 

Peter Ilgenfritz, Pastor, University Congregational United Church of Christ

Posy assisted in facilitating and growing my team to reach new levels of collaboration and cooperation while supporting a major change initiative. The retreats she designed resulted in new levels of team interaction, engagement, inquiry and overall growth for every member of my multigenerational team. We  still see great results from her work with us.

Bill Krist, Director OCM, University of Washington

Posy so beautifully created such perfect synergy of training, expertise, intuition,
and heart for a really great conversation.

Kari Dasher, YWCA

Posy is a skillful listener, and has the experience, insight, and wisdom to "drill down" to the essence of who you are and what you are trying to accomplish.

Gail Buquicchio, Co-Owner of Core Chiropractic and Wellness

Posy’s greatest skill is to ask great questions, to know what to ask in the first place, maybe those that haven’t been asked before. She validated a lot of the way that I am in the world.


Andrea Driessen, No More Boring Meetings

Posy has a way of championing for your success and holding you to the mat when you need
to look in the mirror.


Jen Doak, Brimmer & Heeltap

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